Back at it again.

Greetings to all new and familiar, I am Chanelle.

Yeah, that’s all you need to know – for now at least. So I’ve decided to re-start my blogging urge and to stay faithful this time, as I am inspired, feel it a need to connect with the world out there as I just experience and come across way too much to keep to myself.

Feel free to suggest anything more you’d like to hear or see.

This photo was taken last week Friday, by my good friend – photographer Karabo Matala. The setting was a bit of my outraged randomness, and a thought I knew she’d make come alive. You like?

Till next time.

More action, than words.


4 thoughts on “Back at it again.

  1. LOVE the photo – it is different and that’s what I like!

    Hope to be reading more from you 🙂
    Told you I’d pop in!!!
    Maybe someday I can attempt a fashion post – coz you know I’m not too fashionable really LOL (I own a spongebob hoodie for peats sake LOL)

    ANYWAY I’ll stop embarrassing myself here!!

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