On the streets: Don

Don by Chanelle

Name: Don, Graphic /Web Designer – (@Don_LK)

Age:  22

Describe your style? What inspires it?

–          My style is simplistic. Clothes that fit me well, that is casual with a neutral colour palette. I wear bright colours in my outfit choices when I feel like being expressive. Honestly, comfort inspires my style. I usually pick out one item in my closet and dress around it – so basically it’s what item of clothing I feel for the day. E.g. I’ll dress around a sneaker, or check hoodie, etc.

What are your favourite brands or clothing items?

–          Hmmm, favourite brands. I love sneakers so Nike’s are my favourite, Vans are great too. In terms of clothes, I do like Adidas Classics, and items specifically include baseball jackets and hoodies which I love, other than that button up shirts are awesome, that fit well and create a sleek smart casual look. Shopping wise, I shop where they sell great clothes.

What type of music do you listen to?

–          I love rap and rock. I spend most of my time listening to music.

Three hot artists you can’t get enough of?

–          J.Cole, Mac Miller, and The Foo Fighters.

Three songs you’re feeling right now?

–          One Mic – Nas

–          Sideline Story – J.Cole

–          The Take Over, The Breaks Over – Fall Out Boy

What do you do in your free time?

–          I spend a lot of time with people, and go out with friends. I occasionally play soccer, and enjoy playing pool. I also spend a lot of time listening to music, and occasionally, writing it.

Words you live by

–          My favourite words are from Kobe Bryant, he says “The guy said NBA players are one in a million. I said, ‘Man I’m going to be that one in a million.’ Not that I believe I can be in the NBA or something, but I live my dreams.”


Sorry for Party Rocking

College had already progressed for the new year,  my usual routine was already in play,  for 2011 . Wake up,  make bed, brush teeth, shower, dress, listen to 5fm , have breakfast, pack bag and leave ..

My dad would then drop me of at  a pick – up point, where my useless, ex – annoying ‘driver” and/or “transport person” would pick me up, for a half and hour, literally “hanging on the edge of my seat” journey to campus. Most days I would put in my earphones on as soon as I got into the car, no wait .. that was everyday.

Music speaks to me, music is well .. music .. unexplainable and I’m sure you have your own interpretation of it , but a day without music for me is well, to put it simply.. pointless .

So the one day for  a brief moment, whilst staring out the window, in the car, my earphones miraculously fell out of my ear (painful, I know) .. but I stopped in my own little personal tracks, and heard this song, not the whole thing, only a bit and the chorus stuck … ” Party Rock is in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time..” .. I went deaf afterwards because I didn’t hear the artist , and I wanted to kick myself  for not listening, because I had to have this song…

Later that week I heard the song again, and my brother Chazlynn also seemed to have had it by then . Eventually , and I don’t remember how, but I got “Party Rock Anthem” , originally been released on 25 January 2011 by LMFAO (RedFoo and SkyBlu) . feat Lauren Bennet and GoonRock, I managed to only realise its awesome existence mid April, right after I met Poreotics ( when the dance fire in me got ignited , once again, and has been alight ever since).

I’ll never forget how it made me feel, and even up until today , Party Rock Anthem is really a body, heart, mind and soul possessing song . It makes me feel happy to be alive, happy to be able to hear and just happy that I can shuffle ( Yeah, you read right ..) amongst many other things, It just makes me want to get up and DANCE !!!

What made me even more happy was noticing Hok from Quest Crew in the main choreography section , in the music video after RedFoo and SkyBlu say “Every Day I’m Shuffling”. That was it for me, I remembered how much I admired Quest Crew, and how I followed ABDC Season 3 in 2009 ( I was in 1st year at college at the time) and that sold me , because I have to admit that I have forgotten them for a while ,which doesn’t make me less of a supporter, but more of a silent one .

Now although, up to this very day.. I cannot get enough of anything related to music , dance, life, art, friendship and love. I love The Quest Crew beyond limitations and I hope to meet them one day .

LMFAO is really something else, their new album “Sorry For Party Rocking” has the same happy, energetic, life – loving , party – rocking feeling to it. I got it last week and it is definitely an album to collect .

For the love of life, dance, art, and fashion ..  I had to share, but a snippet of my thoughts ..

They ( Quest, LMFAO, Party Rock )  are absolute contributing inspirations for my 3rd – year fashion show range  .. ( Nov 2011)

Follow them : www.twitter.com/lmfao , www.twitter.com/thequestcrew

www.questcrew.com , www.partyrockclothing.com

P.S My friends and I are halfway to learning Hok’s main choreography , just for fun, and I must say it’s hard flippin’ work ..but tons of fun.

Dr.Dre f.t Eminem & Skylar Grey – I Need A Doctor

Toast in the left hand, tea in the other, butt on the bouncy ball with my eyes glued to the tv screen, MTV on by default and what do I see? Dr.Dre back again, with less of a belly, guns and Marshall.

“I need a doctor” is the tracks name, featuring none other than Eminem and new on the scene, Wisconsin born, Skylar Grey. The video is in a dark, sombre set, but it was the end of the video that made me think, “Who is Eric Wright”, the name on the tombstone he kneeled on.

Eric Wright is indeed, rapper Easy E, who died from Aids in 1995.  

For those of you that tuned into the Grammy Music Awards 2011, earlier this year,  you’d recall the unforgettable, intense performance by the trio with Grey’s breakout performance, leaving people in awe and a “WHO WAS THAT??” thought.

She also features on Hip-Hop Star Lupe Fiasco’s album track, “Words I never said”. personally I think she could not be bubblegum artist, and if she plays her cards right, might just last.

Dre is getting older, isn’t he? He’s still Dre though.