On the streets: Don

Don by Chanelle

Name: Don, Graphic /Web Designer – (@Don_LK)

Age:  22

Describe your style? What inspires it?

–          My style is simplistic. Clothes that fit me well, that is casual with a neutral colour palette. I wear bright colours in my outfit choices when I feel like being expressive. Honestly, comfort inspires my style. I usually pick out one item in my closet and dress around it – so basically it’s what item of clothing I feel for the day. E.g. I’ll dress around a sneaker, or check hoodie, etc.

What are your favourite brands or clothing items?

–          Hmmm, favourite brands. I love sneakers so Nike’s are my favourite, Vans are great too. In terms of clothes, I do like Adidas Classics, and items specifically include baseball jackets and hoodies which I love, other than that button up shirts are awesome, that fit well and create a sleek smart casual look. Shopping wise, I shop where they sell great clothes.

What type of music do you listen to?

–          I love rap and rock. I spend most of my time listening to music.

Three hot artists you can’t get enough of?

–          J.Cole, Mac Miller, and The Foo Fighters.

Three songs you’re feeling right now?

–          One Mic – Nas

–          Sideline Story – J.Cole

–          The Take Over, The Breaks Over – Fall Out Boy

What do you do in your free time?

–          I spend a lot of time with people, and go out with friends. I occasionally play soccer, and enjoy playing pool. I also spend a lot of time listening to music, and occasionally, writing it.

Words you live by

–          My favourite words are from Kobe Bryant, he says “The guy said NBA players are one in a million. I said, ‘Man I’m going to be that one in a million.’ Not that I believe I can be in the NBA or something, but I live my dreams.”

Room tales and sneaky findings

As my – now forgotten – dream ended, and the beautiful winter sunshine crept into my room, I awakened, accompanied by the delicious smell of my Dad’s traditional Sunday breakfast.

By default, I’d get out of bed and commence with the day’s activities, but this day felt like an odd “It’s time to clean your room day.” And no, I don’t mean “drawing the curtains – fluffing your pillows – making your bed” kind of day, but the kind that required you to dismantle your fancy display and see how much of dust you’ve managed to obtain since the last time you “cleaned” your room.

Now, normally someone like a domestic worker would do this, but to me there is something much more personal about bedrooms. A piece of paper may mean nothing to a stranger, but to the owner it may mean the world, and finding little or big things we haven’t seen in a while has a way of taking us down memory lane once more. Naturally I’ve been carrying out this duty since a very young age, and each time was difficult.

Each time, something had to be let go of. I believe the older you get the more you understand why you have to let go of certain things, and it therefore becomes much easier.
Whilst operation “Clean Room” was underway, I found my first pair of Adidas™ “RESPECT M.E” by Missy Elliot sneakers, I got these when I was 16 (2006) – a limited edition pair and I love(d) them. Its sleek and monochromatic colour scheme makes it a sneaker that is timeless to me, and that I can continue to wear till it gives in, which doesn’t seem to be anytime soon.

Finding this sneaker just made me realize what a sneaker junkie I really am, I’ve collected whatever Converse™ sneaker amongst others that I could from the time I was 13 years old (2003), owning about 5 unique pairs, I’ve only worn each ± 7-10 times in their life span, and maybe even less. They still fit me, and smell like they’re brand new.

Do you also personally clean you room? What interesting things do you find?

Taken by Chanelle 19

Taken by Chanelle 19

Taken by Chanelle19

Taken by Chanelle19