Loss? No.

As you may or may not know, I unfortunately did NOT make it through to the semi-finalists stage to become the ELLE Style Reporter for South Africa, with reference to my recent blog post titled “Beauty and the streets”.

When the time came to check which 18 individuals made it through – whilst wondering if it was me, I scrolled down the list only to reach “18” with no sign of my name.

Natural behaviour would be to feel devastated and worthless – instead I was and am happy, serene and grateful with a hint of disappointment

While my blog post may have not been what ELLE magazine is looking for, beautiful images and 2000+ words justifying myself – I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  

The past three months have been tremendously interesting, and as this may seem like a loss, it’s rather a huge gain – ELLE rejecting me, made me realise all that I have gained and all that I have learnt and experienced. Not only did I spend time with one of my good friends, almost every day but I met new people, and made new friends. I challenged myself and received and am extremely obliged by the feedback I have been receiving.

Street culture is something I will always love, I always have and I always will, words cannot explain it – I will continue to scout the streets when I am out and photograph all that I find interesting to share with you guys. I will continue to learn and express my love and interest for street culture creatively .

I must admit I would not have entered if it was not for my friend Karabo (@Karabo9) and my Mom, they saw my potential and believed I had the chance. The biggest thanks to Donald (@Don_LK) who assisted me throughout all my street scouting activities making every moment unforgettable.

Without YOU “Beauty and the streets” would have not been possible, so thank you.

Finally, the biggest acknowledgement goes out to all my readers. Thank you for the feedback, and for tuning into my blog – just a little piece of my life that I share with you guys. 

Stay inspired and remember from every “loss” there’s a gain.

– Love


What’s “On the streets” ?

As you may or may have not noticed – yesterday I featured something new on my blog titled “On The Streets”. So what is it, you ask?

Well, it’s a feature I’ll be posting on my blog, sanely getting to know random, inspiring individuals, I know or meet on the streets – that are normal folk like you and I, with an infectious sense of character and a captivating sense of style.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you think you have style like no other, and would like to be featured – by all means mail me: chan.mostw@gmail.com

Photo: One of my favourite photos by Tommy Ton (jakandjil.com)

via jakandjil.com - by Tommy Ton

via jakandjil.com – by Tommy Ton