Dr.Dre f.t Eminem & Skylar Grey – I Need A Doctor

Toast in the left hand, tea in the other, butt on the bouncy ball with my eyes glued to the tv screen, MTV on by default and what do I see? Dr.Dre back again, with less of a belly, guns and Marshall.

“I need a doctor” is the tracks name, featuring none other than Eminem and new on the scene, Wisconsin born, Skylar Grey. The video is in a dark, sombre set, but it was the end of the video that made me think, “Who is Eric Wright”, the name on the tombstone he kneeled on.

Eric Wright is indeed, rapper Easy E, who died from Aids in 1995.  

For those of you that tuned into the Grammy Music Awards 2011, earlier this year,  you’d recall the unforgettable, intense performance by the trio with Grey’s breakout performance, leaving people in awe and a “WHO WAS THAT??” thought.

She also features on Hip-Hop Star Lupe Fiasco’s album track, “Words I never said”. personally I think she could not be bubblegum artist, and if she plays her cards right, might just last.

Dre is getting older, isn’t he? He’s still Dre though.