NY Street Snap of Fabien Desgroux



Laying in bed, giving Kendrick Lamar and Young Jeezy’s “Westside Right On Time” a listen while I naturally go through the style tab on hypebeast.com, and having only been updated a few moments ago, I am most excited to have the eyes to look at these beautiful street snaps of Fabien Desgroux taken by Hypebeast’s very own, Youngjun Koo.

Personally being a hip-hop head and a versatile lover of everything street, the style Fabien possesses in these images has my pupils in shapes of hearts. I’m in love with his colour and detail/jewellery choices.

I’m sure his unique bracelet/bangles, chain(s) and ring have some sentimental value to him, apart from adding to his overall look. His slouchy, loosely fitted, yet sexy knit vest exposes his very toned body and as a grey lover myself, the cool grey Fabien has on works so well with the grungy, hard charcoal his denim jean encompasses.

Overall these are great images by Youngjun of a very stylish male on the streets on New York, and I had to share them.

Photo: Youngjun Koo – hypebest.com