On the streets: Teez and Denim Jeans

Some shots I took a few weeks back of denim jeans, and t-shirts – it’s amazing how basic items can become so interesting depending on how you style yourself, like pairing your plain tee with a scarf, a funky pair of sneakers, or bag..


KB – slicker than your average photographer

Karabo Matlala, is a 22 year old Fashion Design Graduate from the prestigious fashion school LISOF situated in Hatfield, Pretoria. Having obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design this past May, in her final year in 2011 she chose to take on an extra subject amongst the many she already had. This subject was Photography, and as Karabo likes to put it “the love of her life”.

Karabo has always loved photography since a very young age, she says “I always wanted to be the one taking the photos at family functions, school events, etc. It was in Grade 10, when I was 16 when I had truly fallen in love with photography. I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Residing in Bronkhorstspruit, nothing during her years growing up and even whilst studying could stop Karabo from gaining the experience to become the best photographer she is today. As a passionate sports lover, that is one thing Karabo wants to conquer in her journey forward – becoming a sports photographer and what a better way to combine two things she loves: Soccer and Photography.

In the past 3 – 4 years, Karabo has photographed some of the country’s greatest events, like her favourite local soccer team ‘Kaizer Chiefs’ playing against Mamelodi Sundowns, and feeding her fashion soul by assisting some of the fashion industries well-renowned photographers at SA Fashion Week and African Fashion Week, respectively. Events like these have taught her to be confident, to trust her instinct and to capture the moments when they are presented, she has also learnt precision and how to be in the best angle for an unforgettable shot.

Karabo says, “Photography is exciting and entails a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day, to be able to see the final product of what I have done is an amazing feeling, which is why love doing it.”
Today, Karabo ranges from doing events like weddings and birthday parties to fashion shows and location shoots. As a photographer, her goal is to always make the person she’s photographing feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, she believes that is when you truly get great images.

As an individual, Karabo treats every experience like a lesson. She firmly trusts the fact that there is always room for improvement, and always wants to better her work. She hopes to be one of the South Africa’s top photgraphers in the near future, and I think with the magnificent photos Karabo takes and her beautiful attitude and nature, she’s not far off from that dream.

Do you have an event that you’d like Karabo to photograph?
For more info on how to book Karabo, contact:

Cell: 072 190 2529
E-mail: matlalakb@gmail.com
Online Portfolio: http://saphotography.ning.com/profile/KaraboMatlala
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kbmatlala
Twitter: http://twitter.com/karabo9
Blog: http://lifesportraits.blogspot.com

On the streets: Don

Don by Chanelle

Name: Don, Graphic /Web Designer – (@Don_LK)

Age:  22

Describe your style? What inspires it?

–          My style is simplistic. Clothes that fit me well, that is casual with a neutral colour palette. I wear bright colours in my outfit choices when I feel like being expressive. Honestly, comfort inspires my style. I usually pick out one item in my closet and dress around it – so basically it’s what item of clothing I feel for the day. E.g. I’ll dress around a sneaker, or check hoodie, etc.

What are your favourite brands or clothing items?

–          Hmmm, favourite brands. I love sneakers so Nike’s are my favourite, Vans are great too. In terms of clothes, I do like Adidas Classics, and items specifically include baseball jackets and hoodies which I love, other than that button up shirts are awesome, that fit well and create a sleek smart casual look. Shopping wise, I shop where they sell great clothes.

What type of music do you listen to?

–          I love rap and rock. I spend most of my time listening to music.

Three hot artists you can’t get enough of?

–          J.Cole, Mac Miller, and The Foo Fighters.

Three songs you’re feeling right now?

–          One Mic – Nas

–          Sideline Story – J.Cole

–          The Take Over, The Breaks Over – Fall Out Boy

What do you do in your free time?

–          I spend a lot of time with people, and go out with friends. I occasionally play soccer, and enjoy playing pool. I also spend a lot of time listening to music, and occasionally, writing it.

Words you live by

–          My favourite words are from Kobe Bryant, he says “The guy said NBA players are one in a million. I said, ‘Man I’m going to be that one in a million.’ Not that I believe I can be in the NBA or something, but I live my dreams.”

Street Style?

Street Style by Chanelle19

Street Style by Chanelle19

Street Style by Chanelle19

Street Style by Chanelle19

Brogues by Chanelle19

Brogues by Chanelle19

What is street style?

Well, style on the street, duh… But no, not literally.

Street style, is when normal civilians like you and I wear what we feel like and when we feel like it, not following the rules ans regulations of fashion more commonly known as trends, but still somehow managing to effortlessly look good.

It’s not about being inspired, but rather inspiring. Did you know that some fashion designers take inspiration from the streets?

Street stylers, are the innovators and party starters, it’s not even about money and riches, it’s about rocking what you have, HARD!

Pretoria is said to not have style, this is due to recent cat fights and murmurs that have occurred in surrounding areas.. It’s Joburg this, Cape Town that… and hell yeah, there are a lot more “don’t care what you think” people out there in Jo’burg and Cape Town, but Pretoria can be and is, just as street savvy if you observe carefully and give the city a chance to unfold.

I don’t have to prove much anyway, you can clearly see for yourself what Pretoria aka PTA has to offer.

Two gentlemen looking fresh to death, and Nonku, feeling all indie-chic.

People that embrace their style, their minds… and do what they want to do to, when.

Keep a look out for South African , and more specifically Pretoria Street Style on my blog.

The Funki Munki

Munki - by Chanelle 19

Munki - by Chanelle 19

Munki - by Chanelle 19

Munki - by Chanelle 19

June Liu, is a forever funky, Taiwanese South African, and friend. Looking fresher than usual, here she’s wearing extremely eclectic, and innovative pieces, all the way from the Asian continent, Taiwan.

She mentions to me, “I just saw it and had to have it, I loved how different it was, and I like wearing things from home.”

June, having always receiving compliments on her very outstandingly unique wardrobe is also probably the only one rocking her dress-top and graffiti styled leggings.

“The scarf is from here though.”, says June. When asked what made her wear it today, she says, “Just felt like wearing something warm, and I didn’t have any denim..”

Nice one June.

Catch June out and about,  on her blog, www.funkimunkiway.blogspot.com.