On the streets: Skater Boi



On Saturday we decided to go to Monte Casino for a movie seeing that the dreaded weather didn’t leave us with any other solutions, and staying in was not an option. 

We went to see Resident Evil: Retribution, which really lives up to its low rating. I was lost for the entire movie, and having not seeing the others, I didn’t bother to pay much attention.. Why don’t directors, etc know when to stop with the sequels?

Anyway, soon after we naturally went to grab a bite to eat and when we approached “The Piazza” I couldn’t take my eyes off this young child, of an age between 10 – 14 who was effortlessly playing on his skateboard, whilst rocking the coolest street style.

He seems to have been playing with the colour green and very well if I may add. Pairing the dark green skinny jeans, with a ripped knee and a sleek pastel pea green golf shirt. His look is topped off with his black and green DC sneakers (which obviously benefit him whilst he skateboards) and an awesome New Era NY baseball cap.

At his age, it’s rare to see such attitude and grace in his style… My advice to him is to keep being himself, because it certainly shines in an awesome way.