On the streets: Teez and Denim Jeans

Some shots I took a few weeks back of denim jeans, and t-shirts – it’s amazing how basic items can become so interesting depending on how you style yourself, like pairing your plain tee with a scarf, a funky pair of sneakers, or bag..


What is style, to me?

We often ask ourselves or others this ridiculous question about what style really is, we search for wrongs and rights, and who has it and who doesn’t – but how does one progress to such conclusions without understanding the word or rather the meaning of style first?

A plain and simple definition of style, according to my trusty Oxford Mini-dictionary that was published in 1991 (Old, I know) – is that the noun “style” is a manner of writing, speaking, or doing something – so in simpler terms style is the manner in which we as people present ourselves in any aspect of our lives.

The affinity between style and fashion is strong and unbreakable. When we use the term to refer to someone as “stylish” or to someone as having “style” – What are we really saying? Are they fashionable or do they actually have style?

In my own, possibly viable opinion – everyone over a period of time either gets brainwashed by the media about what style is conceived to be (in most cases getting caught up with trends, fashion, etc.), or they form their own conception on how to view, and appreciate style.

I believe style is exactly that – a person staying true to his or her self, naturally having a vying way of making even the most awkward of garment items look good together as a whole. A stylish person to me is someone who doesn’t necessarily follow trends, but rather contributes to the innovation of one. Someone who doesn’t allow the media to dictate what he/she should be wearing at that specific moment for that specific reason, but rather wears what they feel like when they feel like it.

With reference to that last sentence, anyone can throw on anything and claim they have style – but that’s just it, you can’t willingly command style to be in your possession that day or moment, like most things in life you either have it or you don’t. I also feel, that style comes from inside, but resonates through a person’s manner in doing things, clothes for example is a means of self-expression like art or music. Style is having that untaught ability to put on clothes effortlessly, make items with no relation to one another look beautiful – style is a lovely thing. It knows no age, or colour – nor brand, or price – it is just what it is.

And, for those without style, well… that’s what stylists are for.

Scouting street style these past few days also opened up my eyes to a whole new world and idea of thinking – believe me when I say the most poorest of people have the most exuberant attitudes towards style. Which brings me to this – everyone has style deep within them waiting to erupt (and some are just lost causes, I commend you for trying though), all I can say is that you should stay true to yourself, and bask in your style for what is it.

We live in a world where we are getting to express who we are more and more each day. You can express your style by any means possible. Some may not care about style in a fashion sense – but as the late and great Yves Saint Laurent once said: “Fashion fades, Style is eternal.”

Think about that.Image

Sorry for Party Rocking

College had already progressed for the new year,  my usual routine was already in play,  for 2011 . Wake up,  make bed, brush teeth, shower, dress, listen to 5fm , have breakfast, pack bag and leave ..

My dad would then drop me of at  a pick – up point, where my useless, ex – annoying ‘driver” and/or “transport person” would pick me up, for a half and hour, literally “hanging on the edge of my seat” journey to campus. Most days I would put in my earphones on as soon as I got into the car, no wait .. that was everyday.

Music speaks to me, music is well .. music .. unexplainable and I’m sure you have your own interpretation of it , but a day without music for me is well, to put it simply.. pointless .

So the one day for  a brief moment, whilst staring out the window, in the car, my earphones miraculously fell out of my ear (painful, I know) .. but I stopped in my own little personal tracks, and heard this song, not the whole thing, only a bit and the chorus stuck … ” Party Rock is in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time..” .. I went deaf afterwards because I didn’t hear the artist , and I wanted to kick myself  for not listening, because I had to have this song…

Later that week I heard the song again, and my brother Chazlynn also seemed to have had it by then . Eventually , and I don’t remember how, but I got “Party Rock Anthem” , originally been released on 25 January 2011 by LMFAO (RedFoo and SkyBlu) . feat Lauren Bennet and GoonRock, I managed to only realise its awesome existence mid April, right after I met Poreotics ( when the dance fire in me got ignited , once again, and has been alight ever since).

I’ll never forget how it made me feel, and even up until today , Party Rock Anthem is really a body, heart, mind and soul possessing song . It makes me feel happy to be alive, happy to be able to hear and just happy that I can shuffle ( Yeah, you read right ..) amongst many other things, It just makes me want to get up and DANCE !!!

What made me even more happy was noticing Hok from Quest Crew in the main choreography section , in the music video after RedFoo and SkyBlu say “Every Day I’m Shuffling”. That was it for me, I remembered how much I admired Quest Crew, and how I followed ABDC Season 3 in 2009 ( I was in 1st year at college at the time) and that sold me , because I have to admit that I have forgotten them for a while ,which doesn’t make me less of a supporter, but more of a silent one .

Now although, up to this very day.. I cannot get enough of anything related to music , dance, life, art, friendship and love. I love The Quest Crew beyond limitations and I hope to meet them one day .

LMFAO is really something else, their new album “Sorry For Party Rocking” has the same happy, energetic, life – loving , party – rocking feeling to it. I got it last week and it is definitely an album to collect .

For the love of life, dance, art, and fashion ..  I had to share, but a snippet of my thoughts ..

They ( Quest, LMFAO, Party Rock )  are absolute contributing inspirations for my 3rd – year fashion show range  .. ( Nov 2011)

Follow them : www.twitter.com/lmfao , www.twitter.com/thequestcrew

www.questcrew.com , www.partyrockclothing.com

P.S My friends and I are halfway to learning Hok’s main choreography , just for fun, and I must say it’s hard flippin’ work ..but tons of fun.